Never pretend you're a Unicorn by sticking a plunger on your head

Dyke Central

This is a wonderful web series. It highlights realistic stories of women of color and people under the LGBTQQIA umbrella. And its a lot of fun!


But… I’m a Nice Guy!!!

a short, kind of disturbing look at patriarchal anger at feminists and the “Nice Guy” trope

Fox News Loses It

In a good way.

This is a great TED talk: Coming out of a closet

Andrea Gibson on Privilege

The best reason to leave your doors unlocked

Makeup Tutorial That Applies to Far too Many Women

Trigger Warning: domestic violence

Cherry Bomb: Runaways

So I watched the movie of this band with Dakota Fanning and KStew last night and WOW. The Runaways were pretty badass and now I have a crush on Joan Jett AND Kristen Stewart. and their music

Andrea Gibson’s Leprechaun

My girlfriend posted this on my facebook and that’s pretty cool.

Anti-Rape TV Commercial