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Month: November, 2013

But… I’m a Nice Guy!!!

a short, kind of disturbing look at patriarchal anger at feminists and the “Nice Guy” trope


Fox News Loses It

In a good way.

This is a great TED talk: Coming out of a closet

Today I have an interview with the Girl Scouts

I am overwhelmingly excited and a bit nervous. I sent in at least 10 applications for different positions at different locations in the past few months. I want to work up in the company and make sure it continues doing awesome things for girls around the country (and world) while keeping the programming relevant. The interview today is for a community development specialist which I think is an awesome place to start! Wish me luck WordPress world!

Lessons on Loving a Prophet

Jeanann Verlee

Redamancy Lit

You know how this ends. There’s nothing you can do to change it, so make peace with it now. Ready your hands for the callus, shred the cloth for bandages, prepare the rosaries.

When you meet him, outside the grocery, along the boardwalk, beneath the overpass, you will not know what he is. He will be neither be too charming nor too handsome, not thunder, not polish.

The day you fall in love, his mouth will spill your name. He will repeat and repeat. He will not touch you. He will watch your hips, study whatever ample you have, will ask to watch you dance. When you turn to leave, he will use your name like a choke chain.

He will call you miracle. Your face will unravel. This is his magic. When he begs you promise, say yes.

When he offers his lips, take…

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Drinks with a Famous Poet

I went for drinks with famous Write Bloody Poet Lauren Zuniga, her girlfriend, and my fantastic girlfriend after a performance at UD. I learned some good stuff:

1. Poets are normal people. They get drunk, dance, and most of all don’t know the secret to life. They’re trying to figure it out too- only their profession is writing about that journey.
2. The book that I’m writing is impressive and even writers think its cool. I mean, she didn’t offer to publish it herself in that moment but the encouragement from an already published and well-known writer means a lot.
3. Lauren is a successful, touring writer who did not become successful until after two children and 7 years of a marriage that eventually didn’t work. You don’t have to achieve all of your goals and dreams in your early 20s. What a relief!