Shocking images depict Hindu goddesses as victims of abuse in domestic violence campaign

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The Goddess Lakshmi with bruises on her face

Neela Debnath   Author Biography 


Friday 06 September 2013

A hard-hitting campaign depicting Hindu goddesses as victims of domestic violence has been launched by a charity in India.

The posters feature the goddesses Saraswati, Durga and Lakshmi, who can be seen with physical injuries on their faces.

The Save Our Sisters campaign turns the traditional imagery of the goddesses on their head, and is all the more shocking because they are such iconic images in India and Hinduism in general.

The goddesses are viewed as all-powerful and often worshipped; people pray to Lakshmi for wealth, Durga is the deity of strength and power, while Saraswati is linked to knowledge and wisdom.

The campaign is run by Save the Children India (which is not linked to Save the Children in the UK), and is calling on people to recognise the signs of domestic violence.

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