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Month: August, 2013

Makeup Tutorial That Applies to Far too Many Women

Trigger Warning: domestic violence


“Remember you n…

“Remember you never have an obligation to fight the hurricane in your chest.”

Andrea Gibson 

Top 9 Things I Learned from Mentoring Chinese Students

1. In China abortions are so common-place there is barely a stigma against it. And its free. my student told me that “if you get pregnant, no problem, you go to the hospital and you aren’t pregnant anymore”

2. Americans eat an absurd amount of cheese. 

3. American Chinese food is shit “no wonder everyone is fat”

4. The class system is so strict in some parts of China that some people are actually barred from getting on an airplane. 

5. Chinese High Schools are far better than US schools, but Chinese University degrees have very little value because of corruption and the ability to buy grades- U.S. University degrees carry the most weight in the international job market. 

6. The English language makes no sense. 

7. Plagiarism is barely a thing in China- you are expected to use the words of others and your reader is expected to know who said it first. Writing is as much the job of the reader to understand as it is the writer to convey.  

8. It takes a long time to be able to joke or understand jokes in a foreign language. 

9. Forcing people to integrate into American culture so that we are more comfortable communicating with foreigners is pretty rude and self-centered. 


We’re Too Poor To Date And It Sucks

Thought Catalog

Friends with benefits, hooking upsexting. Soulless academic studies shove this stereotype of millennial “romances” down our throats, and plenty of America’s 20-somethings gladly revel in it, too busy for anything real. Marriage is for people in their 30s.

But that’s not real life. What is real are the conversations we have about our depressing love lives on Twitter, in YouTube confessionals and in relationship forums—which is where we listened in. And normal people without swollen Zuckerberg-ian egos and without dreams of launching the next billion-dollar startup from their parents’ basements have different concerns: They worry that they might never have a long-term partner and they might never get married. That’s because they simply might not have the money. And it sucks.

The less-talked-about millennial dating experiences, the ones that don’t blossom on ivy-rich college campuses or in New York City bars, certainly aren’t as sexy as the…

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