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Month: June, 2013

“Same Love” by Macklemore

has become the most annoying song EVER. I mean, its cool- its bringing the rights of gay people to a public sphere and that’s great. BUT just because I have a girlfriend now every person who sees us together decides that it must be my favorite song. I have been placed in front of iphones, laptops, TVs, and radios told to “shhhhhhhhhhh and listen to the words, you’re gonna love this song.” Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I want to listen to this one song overandoverandoverandover I don’t even like hip hop!


when researching “Jesus and John the Baptist: Gay”

when researching “Jesus and John the Baptist: Gay”

I found this terrifying cite. It is so horrible and poorly researched and the author is so clearly brainwashed that it’s almost funny. In this article on Homosexuality and the church he says things such as: “Certainly the homosexual should be punished by civil government.” and “to talk of homosexual churches and homosexual ministers and homosexual weddings, is like speaking of murder churches, murder ministersand murder weddings. The whole idea is preposterous, absurd, senseless and utterly foolish, in the light of the Bible.”


I swear this was one of the first Google results for my church. what is going on.

I am currently researching

the Bible and the main characters for my Senior Thesis. I got kind of Distracted because it seems like there is A LOT of sexual tension between John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. They were splashing around in a river naked telling each other how great they are and how much they love each other #gay.

Cherry Bomb: Runaways

So I watched the movie of this band with Dakota Fanning and KStew last night and WOW. The Runaways were pretty badass and now I have a crush on Joan Jett AND Kristen Stewart. and their music

Haikus about a laundry mat



Cotton/Silk blend dress


Made in China, cold wash


Worn by a girl




Nylon/ lace pattern


Stockings, hand wash only


Worn by a troubled teen  




Second-hand suit


Loosely warn with Blue Macy’s tie


By a (woman)




Duct tape, hardware brand


Worn under Tshirts, polos


Stings to rip off




Hard black leather harness


detachables for special occasions


never removed




little girl dresses, mom’s pink bows


Worn by tile bathroom floor


Not worn by a girl









I stopped blogging for a while

I think I stopped because I felt too overwhelmed with school and work and all that. I also think I stopped blogging because I felt (too) comfortable with myself and my life. I stopped asking questions, stopped noticing my feelings, all that. i started getting constant reassurance from my girlfriend, my teachers, my friends so I didn’t need to write down other feelings- I didn’t need followers to approve or validate them.

I recently stopped getting constant validation. My work slowed down, my academics are (mostly) on hold for the summer, and my girlfriend and I hit a REALLY ROUGH patch. So here I am again asking: why do I (and I think plenty of other people) need such constant encouragement? Why do I feel like a day is a failure if nobody asserts how much they love me or how great I am? How come I texted my girlfriend 5 times last night because she didn’t call to assure me that she loves me? I know she loves me, WHY AM I ACTING LIKE A SERIOUS NUT CASE?

I don’t have any answer at this point. It probably has something to do with low self-esteem.