Never pretend you're a Unicorn by sticking a plunger on your head

Month: March, 2013

Things I made sure to pack for my wilderness adventure

camping pants
hiking boots
earrings so nobody thinks I’m a pre-teen boy
diva cup


I am hiking Havasu Falls with my mother

I realized I will be stuck in one of the world’s biggest holes for a week with my mother and i’m terrified.

Haiku 1

Neon pink lined mouth
I was too nervous to kiss
We still have things to do

Andrea Gibson’s Leprechaun

My girlfriend posted this on my facebook and that’s pretty cool.

You suck/ What you said Sucks

The other day I was in a meeting and the person running the meeting said something that I think I always knew but don’t always act upon. She talked about how when you’re confronting someone or talking about something that bothers you, never say that THAT PERSON is bad or bothers you. Always have specific examples of what they SAID or DID that bothered you. That way the confrontation is less offensive because you don’t say that your coworker or friend is, for example, raciest. You are instead saying that what they said that one time was raciest. It gives more opportunity for improvement and is less hurtful. Word. Good lesson.

To the officer who should mind his own goddamn business

No, I’m not sure what he looked like but

I know his eyes felt hard as the car door

And when I put my fist in is gut

They didn’t move or blink or tear or

I don’t know. I guess he tasted like pot

Like Chinese food and cigarettes

And mouthwash like he thought

That good breath would help.  I could let

His taste slide past my slow soft rot.

He smelt like soap and mint

Like aftershave and cologne

Like he washed for this moment

Like he knew he wouldn’t leave alone

What is a fly on the wall if you pull off its wings  

What is a woman called when you ask her to recall these things 

On the Feminist Character in Community

So Britta is the “feminist” in the TV comedy Community who is an obnoxious feminist who tries to start riots and strikes over things she knows little about. Listen, I know I should probably be annoyed at this representation of a college feminist but i know that girl, I spend half of my days with so many Brittas. AND I spend the other half of my days trying so hard to not be her (and sometimes failing). Its true, sometimes college feminists (and college activists in general) get really excited and passionate about things they don’t fully understand. Ex: KONY 2012! But hey- i’d prefer uneducated passion over ignorant laziness any day.