Never pretend you're a Unicorn by sticking a plunger on your head

Month: February, 2013

If No One Welcomes You, Shake the Dust as You Leave

-A working title for my novel, based off Jesus’ advice given to his disciples regarding rejection, and also similar to an Anis Mojgani poem.¬†


Sometime the sc…

Sometime the scales themselves weigh far too much

Andrea Gibson

I got a mohawk today

¬†because i’ve always wanted one since i’ve been little and yesterday I realized i’m running out of time to be the rebellious hair type. Because after I graduate I doubt i’ll get as many job offers to teach with a mohawk, and then I probably won’t make as many friends in Law School with one, and then not many soccer moms want to be friends with the lesbian mohawk mom. I think this is sad because people with interesting hair tend to be interesting themselves. So really, in closing, after this haircut everyone should be fighting to be my friend because i’ll be way cooler than I was yesterday.

Anti-Rape TV Commercial


TED Talk: Cameron Russell

Female Positive Music Day #4: Regina Spektor

Reginaaaaaaaa. Hey remember that time Regina is super cool. Hey remember that time she sings songs about drugs and God and capitalism. Hey remember that time when she has ambitious pronouns as the subject for her songs because gender don’t matter. And she did it all in the back of a truck.

shake the dust…

shake the dust

Anis Mojgani

two words



Wine Thoughts

Is not wanting children selfish? is having children its own version of selfish? Is selfish even bad?

A friend’s wine thoughts

Things to think about that will confuse and excite you:

1. Think about thinking, what is thinking really? You’re doing it right now, but what are you actually doing.

2. The internet. We talk about it like its one entity; like its some all-knowing octopus in the sky that we can all connect to. But really, what is it? Can it be contained? Where is it?