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Month: January, 2013

Redamancy Lit

I like my body when it is with your body.

– E.E. Cummings

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The woman who can’t tell if the steam is from her cigarette or her espresso/ searches the internet for job openings/ anything/to pay for cigarets and espresso.

There is a beautiful lady singing beautifully in the bathroom

I have made it in life.

It is getting m…

It is getting motion sickness/ from all of the moving on

Current Learning:

currently in my plant class learning about growing vegetables. Supermarkets desperately try to sell vegetables by being sneaky. They tile the floors by the Veg. section and separate the tiles with grout so you have to slow down your walking speed, they also color the lights so the greens, reds, and oranges are highlighted, they wax the veggies so they look shiny. booo craziness

2012 sexism

2012 sexism

wowow read this

On My Tattoos

Dear WordPress world,

Now that I’ve ranted about why i love and want more tattoos (see post below), I’m trying to finalize what I want. My main idea is to take a drawing printed in Ani Difranco’s book Verses of a woman and add on traditional moth wings to this woman’s shoulders. Ani Difranco’s art has gotten me through a lot of shit and I want a tattoo to show that struggle and eventual success. I’m not a huge fan of word tattoos (and even if i was, picking only one quote by her is near impossible), so I think a drawing that she did is a pretty nice idea. What do you think WordPress world? Is that creepy that I’m adapting one of her drawings? Do you support me? what’s goin on?

On Tattoos

I love tattoos. I think they are, as Ani Difrnanco said, “Mile Markers” in life. Even if they don’t hold the same meaning 20 years from now, they show where I’ve been and what formed me into who I am now. They show what I was thinking and feeling and what I valued at different points in my life, which is important.

So, I’m at a point in my life where everything is falling in place for once. I went from a sexual assault survivor to a strong victim advocate, a pointless English major to a serious student writing a Senior Thesis and enrolled in a Master’s program, a confused and lonely bisexual to in a loving and healthy relationship. SO WORDPRESS WORLD WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? it means I want a tattoo, because all of this could fall apart in a second but right now I’m super successful and content and I want to remember where I am right now. if that’s not a good reason to get a cool tattoo, I don’t know what is


Female Positive Music Day #3: Jessie J

Okay well you can like her… or hate her pop/ mainstream style. But one thing is for sure, her music is good to women; she calls attention to gender stereotypes (like in this song). and when asked bout her sexuality she responds saying she’ll love who she wants and that can be a man or a woman or anything in between. and she has a pretty great voice.

“The only thing…

“The only thing that makes Ballet hot or artistic or cool is if the ballerinas hookup in front of me”

– the man next to me in a coffee shop

THIS IS A PROBLEM- if a college educated man only finds art in a true art form by objectifying the sexuality of the participants- this is a bad sign.